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Home » Electronics » EMG® OEM Pots, Jacks, Booster switch, etc


EMG PA2 Preamp Booster Switch
EMG PA2 Preamp Booster Switch


The EMG PA2 is a straight booster preamplifier mounted on a minitoggle switch. Perfect if you want to just plain overdrive the input of your amp for distortion. The PA2 preamp booster switch has a trim pot so you can preset the amount of boost up to an additional 20dB. The PA2 will also work with passive pickups. EMG includes an output jack and battery clip set with the PA2 preamp booster switch.
Price: $39.95

EMG® Active Pot Set 1 1/8" shaft
EMG® Active Pot Set 1 1/8" shaft


EMG® Active Pot Set extra long 1 1/8" shafts w/nuts & washers. Volume & Tone.
Price: $17.95


Floyd Rose® Trem Stop 


Shipping is a "flat rate" of $6.95, no matter how much you minimum orders either!

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